Benefits and Challenges

Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most referenced research tool. It has more traffic than Twitter and LinkedIn. Wikipedia links show up on the first page of Google search results as much as 97% of the time. Your online strategy is incomplete without Wikipedia.

Prior to identifying a Wikipedia visibility agency, you have probably attempted to manage your Wikipedia visibility personally or with a PR agency, and discovered that Wikipedia is a very challenging platform. Wikipedia rules are complex, vague and contradictory; the editorial discussions require a lot of patience; the encyclopedic style of Wikipedia is remarkably different from anything PR, advertising and marketing professionals are accustomed to and the outcome of crowd-writing may be quite unpredictable for novice Wikipedia editors. Wikipedia’s unique anti-commerce / unpaid-labor culture further compounds these challenges.

WikiExperts guarantee

  • WikiExperts will provide a full refund if your profile is removed
  • Compliance with the Wikipedia standards
  • Complete confidentiality of the service

Anybody can change your Wikipedia profile. That’s why you should monitor the articles that relate to your brand and products. WikiExperts handles this task for you, protecting your online reputation.

Since its founding in 2010, WikiExperts has assisted many major corporations, executives, NGOs, celebrities, politicians and other clients, in full compliance with applicable laws and Wikipedia content policies, simultaneously making Wikipedia more valuable to its users.

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