Writing articles on Wikipedia is unlike any other writing task. The complex Wikipedia rules regarding content and references makes the involvement of experts experienced in writing and editing Wikipedia content important.

Writers who instead rely on their PR, advertising, journalistic, academic or legal writing skills often find Wikipedia writing frustrating and fail to accomplish their objectives.

The most profound difference is that Wikipedia writing is "crowd writing" rather than individual writing. Whereas in writing a press release, ad copy, a news article, a research paper or a legal brief, the writer has full control over the content, such control is absent in Wikipedia writing. In fact, after posting material that is not written in Wikipedia style, the outcome of a page may have nothing in common with the originally submitted text. That's why it is important to get things right the first time.

For example, when a PR professional uploads a press-release-like profile of its client, the submission is likely to be promptly removed for lack of proper referencing, failing to demonstrate notability, and not complying with the neutral point of view required on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia community may even search for additional information on the company and post a profile based much more on media articles critical of your organization. Basically, adding to Wikipedia improperly will hurt your company.

Many Wikipedia entries are the result of hundreds of edits submitted over time by dozens of contributors. This mode of content-shaping is also confusing to writers who are accustomed to thinking in terms of "writing an article."

Our specialists have extensive experience in editing Wikipedia content and can anticipate the likely reaction of the community. As a part of the Wikipedia community ourselves we "talk the talk and walk the walk", representing our clients in a manner that the community can embrace.

Not every company or subject meets Wikipedia's criteria for eligibility. Wikipedia has many policies and guidelines about encyclopaedic content. These standards require verifiability, neutrality, special rules for the biographies of living people, and more. To check if your company or your subject meets the Wikipedia criteria, fill out our free consultation form.

It is difficult and time consuming for non-experts to learn all for the requirements and technical jargon for developing an article that would rank above a “stub” or a “start”. We know Wikipedia's writing style, formatting specifications, content inclusion criteria and other rules, written and unwritten, that govern the world’'s largest reference source.

Anybody can change your Wikipedia profile and WikiExperts can monitor it for you, protecting your online reputation from cyber-vandals.

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